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AZ: Mr. Dreesen, your player, Bayern youngster Aleksandar Pavlovic, was actually supposed to make his debut for the German national team in the friendly games against France and the Netherlands, now he had to cancel due to tonsillitis. How bitter is that for the boy?
Jan-Christian Dreesen: That is of course very bitter. Aleks was super proud, he certainly deserved it. His performances in the last few games have been extraordinary, you can describe him as the shooting star of this season. The fact that he can’t answer it now is very bitter. But I’m absolutely sure he’ll get the chance again later.

Dreesen: “In my opinion, the best goalkeeper should be in goal – and that is Manuel Neuer”

Leon Goretzka was not nominated by national coach Julian Nagelsmann. Do you still think that Goretzka will ultimately make it into the European Championship squad?
I would wish that for him. He played well for us in the last few games. Personally, he is certainly the most disappointed. He has to make a name for himself with good games – and I’m sure that the national coach will also be watching that closely.

Unlike Goretzka, Joshua Kimmich is part of the national team, and at the same time there is talk about his departure from the national team FC Bayern speculated in the summer – most recently this week. What is your attitude towards this personnel?
You don’t always have to comment on every headline.

Bayern captain Manuel Neuer is making his comeback to the national team after a long injury break. The national coach has not yet officially announced whether Neuer or Marc-André ter Stegen will go into the European Championship as number 1. How do you see this duel?
We are of course partial, but also out of deep conviction. Manuel is the best goalkeeper there is in Germany and probably in the world. He has come back from his injury incredibly. In my opinion, the best goalkeeper should be in goal – and that is Manuel Neuer.

National coach Nagelsmann’s contract only runs until after the European Championships, after which he wants to take over a club again. Is Nagelsmann’s return to FC Bayern conceivable?
I think others have already said that you should never rule out anything in football. But that is a thing of the future and not an issue today.

By Maximilian Koch

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