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Where is Felicia Farr Today? Details of Her Family and Net Worth | Update

Want to know where Felicia Farr has been all these years? Stay till the end for the answer!

Former American actress and model Felicia Farr is considered a living legend from the vintage era. The star crime thriller actress was married to the Hollywood A-lister of 1960-1980, Jack Lemmon.

However, their love story had a tragic ending as she lost her husband in 2001. After the loss, Felicia led her life as a single mother and pursued her low-key acting career until she decided to take a break in 2014.

Married life: A True Vintage Love Story!

Felicia Farr met the love of her life, Jack Lemmon, in the late 50s when he made his way to the movie industry’s top. 

The Hollywood legend, Lemmon, had already won eight nominations and two awards in the Oscars from 1960-1980 and had made personal life as fulfilling as their professional life. 

The movie industry played an integral role in their love story because the duo shared wedding vows in Paris on August 17, 1962, when Lemmon was filming for Irma La Douce.

A rare picture from Felicia and Jack`s wedding, 1962

A rare picture from Felicia and Jack`s wedding, 1962 (Source: Their daughter`s Instagram)

But their love was not the first for both, as they both had their share of failed marriages. Felicia was previously married to Lee Farr from 1949-1955, whereas Jack Lemmon was previously married to Cynthia Stone from 1950-1956.

The couple co-parented three children together; Courtney Lemmon, who they gave birth to in 1996, and Chris Lemmon and Denise Farr Gordon from their past marriages.

Their relationship was a true fairy tale that everyone dreamed of living during those days; the duo attended almost every award function and gatherings together, captivating everyone around them with their marital bliss. 

However, their blissful family life got struck by lightning as Jack lost the battle with Bladder cancer and lost his life after 40 years of married life.

Jack Lemmon with his mother, as seen in a photo shared by his daughter. (Source: Courtney Lemmon`s Instagram)

After her husband’s demise, Felicia never moved on with anyone else and started relinquishing her life as a single mother while pursuing a low-key professional life. 

Career And Net Worth

The supermodel Farr ruled the modeling industry from 1950-1960 while her acting career flourished side-by-side. She is best known for her roles in the movies like Charley Varrick (1973), 3:10 To Yuma (1957), and Kiss Me Stupid (1964).  Farr made her screen debut in 1954, portraying Gerda Van Ryck in the TV series The Lonewolf. 

Felicia posing during a shot

Felicia posing during a shot  (Photo: Pin Interest)

Felicia Farr amassed a substantial amount of fortune from her blissful professional life as a model and actress. The net worth of the vintage model is more than a million dollars. However, combined with her husband`s fortune, their net worth escalates to over $25 million. In addition, they led a lavish lifestyle and owned various mansions and luxuries. As of 2021, their Malibu home is listed in the auction for a whopping price of $13.4 million!

A Short Bio & Family

Born on October 4, 1932, the model and actress Felicia Farr was raised in the highlands of Westchester County, New York, USA. She was born as the daughter of Sylvia and Max Dines of Russian-Romanian descent.

As of today, Felicia Farr is in her late 80s and is living a content life enjoying the back seat, awaiting the progression of her children. Farr`s step-son Chris Lemmon is an author and actor. Her daughter, Denise, was married to an actor, Don Gordon, who passed away in 2017, and Courtney Lemmon is pursuing her career as an actress. 

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