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It begins in less than three months European Football Championship in Germany. 21 participants for the final round have already been identified. The remaining three starters will be searched for in the coming days. Unlike last autumn, this time it’s not about complicated calculation games, but exclusively about knockout duels. An overview.

How do the playoffs for the 2024 European Football Championship work?

The following applies to all twelve participating teams: two wins or none Ticket for the European Championships in Germany. In each of the three playoff paths A, B and C there is a tournament with four nations. Only the three tournament winners are qualified for the European Championship finals (June 14th to July 14th). All semi-final games will take place this Thursday and the three finals will take place next Tuesday (March 26th). If there is a draw after 90 minutes, the game will be decided first by extra time and then by a penalty shootout.

Which national teams are playing for the tickets?

They are in playoff path A Poland Star player Robert Lewandowski is the clear favorite. Their semi-final against Estonia is a must-see. It would be more difficult in the final if a guest appearance awaited the winner of the game between Wales and Finland. While the seeding for the semi-finals was based on the Nations League ranking, the finals were decided by lot.

In playoff path B it gets political, after all Israel and Ukraine are there. Israel and Israel will play in the semi-finals Island (in Budapest) as well as Bosnia and Ukraine against each other. In a possible final, Ukraine would have home advantage and the game would be played in Wroclaw, Poland.

Georgia and Luxembourg play in playoff path C Greece and Kazakhstan against each other. The final will take place either in Georgia or Luxembourg.

What happens next for the three winning teams?

That’s through the draw already specified. Playoff winner A meets Austria in the strong Group D, France and the Netherlands. Playoff winner B awaits Group E Belgium, Romania and Slovakia. Playoff winner C will play in Group F Turkey, Portugal and Czech Republic.

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