Tainá Müller celebrates her international career, remembers exhaustion and gaslighting: "I welcome and forgive myself"

Tainá Müller celebrates her international career, remembers exhaustion and gaslighting: “I welcome and forgive myself” | GuardianMagazines

Married for 12 years to director Henrique Sauer and mother of 7-year-old Martín, the actress reveals that she is in a moment of total passion in her relationship, and that she has already experimented with other formats outside of monogamy. “With a clean face,” Tainá Müller opens the doors of her house, in the West Zone of São Paulo, to welcome the ELA Magazine team. Her appearance and her mood are diametrically opposed to when she was still in the skin of the character that transformed her in the last five years, the police officer Verônica Torres, protagonist of the series “Bom dia, Verônica”, by Raphael Montes and Ilana. Casoy. The final season, broadcast on Netflix, spent three weeks in the global streaming top 10 since its premiere on February 14. Verônica also earned Tainá the trophy for Best American Actress, at the Dutch Septimius Awards, in 2023. “The character is fascinating. But during the recording of the second season I suffered from terrible insomnia. There was still concern about the pandemic and I was recording 12 hours a day. I was exhausted,” recalls the 41-year-old actress from Rio Grande do Sul. Moments before the interview, Tainá was working on the details of a trip to Portugal, where she will spend a month and a half recording the series “Faro”, on the RTP channel, her first international work. The blonde hair, which appears in the photographs of this session, gave way to dark brown for the Portuguese Marta. The antagonist of the plot returns to her country of origin after spending time in Brazil with her family: “I recognize myself as a brunette and I prefer short hair to long,” she says. Tainá Müller in ‘Bom dia, Verônica’ and currently Disclosure The recordings will be at a fast pace, at Tainá’s request, to spend as little time as possible away from her husband, the director Henrique Sauer, 43 years old — “we are living a phase totally in love” – and his son Martin, 7 years old. “And they are going to visit me.” Model, presenter in Porto Alegre, where she was born, and journalist by training, the actress is also known for TV Globo soap operas, such as “Insensato Coração” (2011), “Flor do Caribe” (2013) and “Em Família” . (2014).). By working on other platforms and freeing himself from the exclusivity contract with the station, Tainá fulfilled an old desire to take new flights and work in different audiovisual formats. She then talks about the project and talks, in a conversation of almost two hours, about machismo and raising her only son. The actress also remembers situations of abuse in romantic relationships and the different agreements made during her 12 years of marriage. Confirm the best stretches of the conversation: Now that you can perform on other platforms and unravel the exclusivity contract with the broadcaster, Tainá concretizes an old wish to find new voices and work in different audiovisual formats Gustavo Zylbersztajn CARREIRA INTERNACIONAL “Going for streaming makes it possible to be no world all. I received comments from people from other countries on social networks, there is movement outside Brazil. I manage my career myself and from the second season onwards it seemed important to me to have representatives in Europe and the United States. My work in Portugal has always been very well received, since ‘Em Família’. Because of ‘Bom dia, Verônica’ I received the invitation for this series and I thought it was a great opportunity to do something different. The director, Joaquim Leitão, has already won a Golden Globe, so I am curious to live this adventure.” SUCCESS OF “GOOD MORNING VERÓNICA” “It was a surprise. It is a work with a daring script, language, the cast is well distributed, there is synergy. Raphael and Ilana captured much of the moment: we talked about domestic violence during the pandemic, after problems with religious leaders. When I studied philosophy and ecofeminism I realized how the patriarchal system treats women, nature, animals… So, it is a powerful allegory.” During the recording of the second season of ‘Bom dia, Verônica’, the actress suffered exhaustion Gustavo Zylbersztajn THERAPIES AND BURNOUT “During the recording of the second season of the series I worked 12 hours a day, in a state of constant alert, with tense scenes . I had to isolate myself because I couldn’t get Covid and stop all production. Additionally, there was a lot of emotional trauma due to the pandemic. At the end of the recordings I went on stage with the work ‘Brilho livre’. At the same time, the employee I had, the only support network to care for Martín, had to leave. With no one to leave him with, he would put him in the car in his pajamas and leave him at the house of friends or his friends’ mothers. And all this while he felt terrible insomnia, he couldn’t rest. My body collapsed. I was diagnosed with burnout and faced a serious journey to recovery. I tried all the holistic therapies, acupuncture, meditation, but I only really got better when I met Dr. Rosa Hassan, one of the biggest sleep specialists in Brazil. “She helped my body relearn how to sleep.” SEXIST CREATION “My father is from the interior of Rio Grande do Sul, he has a different worldview, other references. There, if the father had a son, the phrase was common: ‘Lock up your goats because my goat is loose.’ Everyday things seen normally, that bothered me in a place that I couldn’t explain. My combativeness towards machismo comes from an early age. This new feminist wave is changing structures. Little by little things have calmed down in a different way. But changing a culture takes time. Since hope dies in the end and I am raising a child, I hope he has another ‘chip’.” Tainá Müller: ‘This new feminist wave is changing structures, but changing a culture takes time’ Gustavo Zylbersztajn ABUSIVE RELATIONSHIPS “I welcome and forgive myself for not having identified these abuses. I was cheated on when a boyfriend coldly broke up with me. When I started dating someone else, he said I was probably already with my new boyfriend and therefore ‘made him want to break up.’ Then the story changed and he said I broke up to be with the other guy. This type of smear resulted in my close friends treating me strangely. It is a ridiculous distortion of reality, with serious consequences. But, in general, I see a greater willingness among men to listen. My husband and I have a wonderful dialogue. I have seen it more deconstructed.” RAISING A SON, MARTIN “I saw a documentary, ‘The Mask You Live With’, that shows how machismo affects men. They need to have a ‘mask’, they can’t get in touch with their own feelings, they need to be manly “And win at any price. This creates enormous psychological pressure. My son is very young, but I try to raise gender awareness in a delicate and playful way, and I encourage him to get in touch with his emotions.” MEANING OF MOTHERHOOD “It is the possibility of evolution, both personally and in my ancestry . I am no longer the center of my life, and it is good that we get out of this egoic exercise. Of course my wishes matter, but “You are not the most important part of your own life. I love being a mother, but I still don’t know if I would have more children. If it happens, I will want to stop everything, but I am living a very fruitful time.” on a professional level. I don’t want to outsource creation.” Tainá Müller affirms that motherhood is the possibility of evolution, both personally and for her ancestry. Gustavo Zylbersztajn EXPERIENCE OF NON-MONOGAMY “Now we are monogamous, but we have already tried other formats. Relating to human beings is Humanity’s greatest challenge. as well as breaking pre-established patterns by culture, but I also believe in flow, in living moment by moment, what each phase requires.” MARRIAGE OF 12 YEARS “I am in a completely passionate phase. Marriage has waves, overcoming crises. During the pandemic we had too much coexistence. And we are transforming, everyone changes, and sex accompanies these phases. But realize that I still want to stay together and we have the same goals, it’s very good. I was lucky (to be with Henrique), but no one is perfect. He is very available and open to conversation and this deconstruction. I see that, fortunately, “I am building a marriage that I want and deserve to have. And yet finding passion and fire in all of this is wonderful. We, as women, are sometimes content with little. But we can be happier.”

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