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Shunsuke Kazama Net Worth, Earning, Wife

Shunsuke Kazama is a Japanese actor and television personality affiliated with Johnny and Associates. In 2002, Kazama formed a unit, “4TOPS” with fellow trainees Tomohisa Yamashita, Toma Ikuta and Jun Hasegawa. In September 2003, Yamashita was chosen to be a member of a new unit, News, 4TOPS was dissolved with News’ debut and the remaining member would focus on acting. In 2011, Kazama won a Television Drama Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor. Scroll down for more detail about; Shunsuke Kazama net worth, earning, and wife.

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What is the Shunsuke Kazama Net Worth?

Kazama’s net  worth is approximately  $1.5 million. Shunsuke Kazama is one of the richest Actors.  He is seen as one of the most successful actors of all time. Shunsuke made his debut in 1997, and he has been appearing in many dramas, movies, and stage plays. He has  made such an  amount from his primary career as an actor. He has a huge fan-base, both in reality and on social media.

Who is Shunsuke Kazama  Wife? When he Married??

Shunsuke Kazama  was married to a  non-celebrity woman Kazuna Kawamura. He married  in the beginning of May 2013. The couple met on the set of Claudia which was produced by the theatre group Chikyuu Gorgeous in 2004 and maintained a relationship since then. They dated each other for more than 10 years. It seems that both the couple have a strong bond for each other.  He kept his personal and love life private.

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