3-year-old son of rodeo star

Levi, the 3-year-old son of rodeo star Spencer Wright, dies in a toy tractor accident

The rodeo community and fans of Spencer Wright are mourning the tragic loss of his 3-year-old son, Levi Wright, who passed away following a heartbreaking accident involving a toy tractor. Levi’s untimely death has deeply affected his family and those close to them, casting a shadow over what should have been a joyful childhood.

The Accident

Rodeo star's Son
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On May 21, 2024, Levi Wright accidentally drove his toy tractor into a river in Utah. According to a statement from the Beaver County Sheriff’s Office, first responders were quick to locate Levi and administered life-saving measures on the scene. He was then transported to a local hospital and subsequently airlifted to a children’s hospital for further care. Despite these efforts, Levi remained in critical condition, and his prognosis was uncertain.

Family’s Hope and Heartbreak

During the days following the accident, Levi’s mother, kallie Wright, provided updates on social media about her son’s condition. On May 24, she shared a glimmer of hope as Levi opened his eyes for a period of time. However, the same day, an MRI revealed discouraging results, suggesting a poor quality of life going forward. Kallie expressed the family’s shattered emotions but remained hopeful that Levi might defy the odds.

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Unfortunately, despite their hopes and prayers, Levi’s condition did not improve. On June 2, Kallie announced that Levi would be taken off life support. She detailed the agonizing decision-making process, which involved sleepless nights, extensive research, and consultations with top neurologists. In her heartfelt message, Kallie conveyed that Levi showed just enough signs of life to give his family time to come to terms with letting him go.

Community Support and Final Moments

Throughout Levi’s hospital stay, the Wright family received overwhelming support from the community and beyond. Thousands of people rallied around the family, lifting Levi up in prayer and sharing their love and support through social media. Mindy Sue Clark, a close family friend, expressed gratitude for the numerous miracles and the incredible response to Levi’s story.

Rodeo star with His Sweetheart and Son
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In her final update, Kallie spoke about finding comfort in knowing that Levi would be restored to the perfect little boy he once was and would be able to do all the things he loved in the afterlife. She poignantly described lying beside him as he fell asleep for the last time, believing that angels would hold him until she could again.
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Remembering Levi Wright

Levi Wright’s short life was filled with joy and love, evident in the many cherished moments shared by his family. From helping announce the family’s new addition to enjoying simple pleasures like ice cream, Levi’s presence brought immense happiness to those around him. His passing is a profound loss, but his memory will live on in the hearts of his family and the broader community that supported them during this difficult time.

Mom With His Son
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The Wright family, including Spencer, Kallie, their daughter Steeley, and their 9-month-old son Brae, continue to grieve and find strength in each other and the memories of their beloved Levi.

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