Nelson Piquet Net Worth, Wife, Daughter, Son, Nelson Junior Girlfriend

Nelson Piquet Junior aka Nelsinho Piquet is a Brazilian stock car racing driver and former Formula one and Formula E driver along with businessman. He is a three time world champion and ranked among the greatest Formula One  drivers in various motorsport polls. His best finish is 8th which was achieved in 1996. He made his Formula one debut for Ensing in Germany. Nelson races a Rebellion R-one LMR1 in the FIA World  Endurance Championship. Scroll down for more detail; net worth, wife, daughter, son and girlfriend.

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what is the Nelson Piquet Net Worth as of 2022?

As of 2022, Nelson Piquet Junior net worth is $200 million. His current source of wealth is from his own founded company; Autotrac.  Piquet is one of the richest car racer  Drivers. Nelson has a beautiful yacht named Pilar Ross.  The luxury Yacht can be  estimated to be around $15 million with the annual running cost being $1.5 million. Nelson also owns a private jet considered one of the fastest jets in the world. This aircraft cost  around $ 20.6 million to $21.5 million. He also earns from  brand endorsements such as Piquet Kart, Piquet Sports, Marcelo Canal  Autotrac and 39 Monte Carb

Who is Nelson wife? Does he have children??

Nelson Piquet is married to  Brazilian Vivianne de Souza Leao. Vivianne studied business administration at Ceub, but didn’t finish it. Because she accepted a job at an advertising agency but she couldn’t pass up the opportunity to work in the area she liked. The  couple have two children, elder son Pedro Estacio Piquet born 1998 and younger son Marco Piquet born 2000.

Before getting married to Vivianne he married two times. First he married Maria Clara in 1976 and they lived together for one year. They have one son, Geraldo Piquet.

His second marriage to the Dutchwoman Sylvia Tamsma. The couple have three children, Nelson Angelo Piquet, Kelly Piquet and Julia Piquet.

Nelson was in a relationship with Katherine Valentin, she is his girlfriend. While they were in a relationship the couple welcomed a baby Laszlo Piquet  in 1987. 

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