Kazuki Takahashi

Kazuki Takahashi Net Worth, Wife, Cause of Death

Kazuki Takahashi was a Japanese manga artist and game creator. Best known for creating Yu-Gi-Oh!. He started his career as a manga artist in 1982 with his work being published in 1990. Kazuki  Yu-Gi-Oh! Manga was created in 1996 before the Trading Card Game which was published by Konami. In 2015 , the manga artist received the Inkpot Award from Comic-con International for its outstanding contribution to comics. Takahashi continued to supervise the creation of Yu-Gi-Oh! Manga up until his death. In 2022, the Yu-Gi-Oh! Card game got even more popular with the release of Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Dual. Scroll down for more detail about; Kazuki Takahashi net worth, wife, and cause of death. 

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Know about Kazuki Takahashi Net worth at the time of his Death

Kazuki Takahashi net worth was $20 million at the time of his death. Kazuki Takahashi was a Japanese manga artist and game creator.He is best known for creating Yu-Gi-Oh!. According to the report , Yu-Gi-Oh!. Card game first came out in Japan in 1990 although it was released in North America in 2002. Alone the game had not only sold 35 billion cards. But grossed over $9.6 billion over the year. It’s to make his  fortune. 

who is Kazuki Wife? when he married??

Kazuki Takahashi ‘s Marital Status is Married. Kazuki Takahashi is married to Rumiko Takahashi. She is a Japanese Manga artist.The couple married in Tokyo, Japan.  Kazuki’s marriage date is unknown. Kazuki Takahashi kept his personal and love life hidden from social media.

Cause of Death of Takahashi

On 6th July 2022, Kazuki Takahashi was found dead  300 meters off the shores of Nago, Okinawa by Japan Coast Guard officers. Takahashi had been wearing snorkeling gear at the time of his death. It seems that he died a few days prior. His current cause of death is unknown, and he was visiting the popular destination at the time. The Japan Coast Guard is conducting an investigation into the incident for confirmation of the cause of death.