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Talk About Jonathan Scott’s Ex-Wife Kelsy Ully And their Divorce

Kelsy Ully is more widely recognized as the former spouse of Jonathan Scott, a Canadian television personality. At this time, Scott is in a romantic relationship with Zooey Deschanel.

While many are informed about his current companion, his ex-wife, whom he encountered when he was in his twenties, remains largely unknown. During that period, Ully was employed by a Canadian airline. Here is everything you need to know about Kelsy, the ex-wife of Scott.

The unsuccessful union of Kelsy Ully and Jonathan

In 2002, Kelsy and her ex-husband were both in their mid-twenties at the time of their meeting. She formerly worked for a Canadian airline, whereas Jonathan and his sibling were learning how to convert homes.

Five years passed prior to their matrimonial union, which lasted for a mere two years. The couple divorced in 2009 due to their inability to maintain a functional marriage. In the interim, the couple’s divorce proceedings became increasingly contentious. A contentious dispute ensued between them concerning a legal document that had been drafted by Scott’s mother. The documents pertained to the sale of their shared Canadian residence.

Kelsy Ully split from Jonathan Scott after 2 years of marriage (Source: Page Six)

She stated at the time that she signed the documents as a result of “harassment and torture.” Kelsy devoted numerous years to attempting to reach a settlement outside of justice. Over time, the court rendered a decision in Scott’s favor. In the interim, their legal dispute continued for a duration exceeding that of their matrimonial union.

In the midst of their divorce,

Reports indicate that following their divorce, the television personality endured a particularly trying period. During production on the pilot season of Property Brothers, he developed a profound depressive episode.

The couple was in a state of disintegration prior to their divorce. Scott was attempting to resolve their differences when Kelsy severed the conversation.

The television personality disclosed in her memoir that their estrangement began when she began working as a hostess at a billiards club in Las Vegas. Because she was required to work several hours at night, she was unable to spend time with her spouse.

Jonathan Scott with his current girlfriend (Source: Pinterest)

Although he was aware that they were disintegrating, everything began to unravel after Kelsy, to his knowledge, altered her marital status on Facebook.

His admirers were astounded to learn of his divorce, which occurred prior to his rise to prominence. Jonathan is in a healthy relationship with his companion at the moment.

Kelsy Ully, meanwhile, is avoiding the public eye; therefore, her current relationship status is unknown.

Further concerning Jonathan Scott

Jonathan Scott is a contractor, actor, and film producer from Canada. Alongside his twin brother Drew Scott, he has continued to co-host the television series “Property Brothers” and its expansions “Purchasing and Selling,” “Brother vs Brother,” and “Property Brothers: At Home.”

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