“It’s about everything” against Austria – Olympic final: Two scenarios lead German handball players to Paris GuardianMagazines

“It’s about everything” against Austria: Olympic final: Two scenarios lead German handball players to Paris

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After the clear victory at the start of the Olympic qualification, the German handball players suffered a bitter setback against Croatia. The DHB’s final for participation in the Olympics is on Sunday. This is the starting position for Alfred Gislason’s team.

Germany’s handball players still have a very good chance of qualifying for the Olympic Games. A draw in the final duel with Austria on Sunday (2:10 p.m.) is enough for the DHB team to secure their ticket to Paris. National coach Alfred Gislason’s team benefits from the fact that they have scored more goals so far in the elimination tournament in Hanover.

A draw against Austria is enough for Germany’s handball players

Both teams have two points before the last day of the group match. Germany had to admit defeat to the Croatians, who had already qualified, 30:33 on Saturday. Austria, which had also lost against the Balkan state at the start, celebrated a 41:26 victory against Algeria. A draw or a win is therefore necessary for the DHB selection against Austria on Sunday in order to secure participation in the Olympics.

The team of national coach Alfred Gislason, whose contract can only be extended until 2027 if they take part, had to admit defeat to Croatia 30:33 (10:16) on Saturday. The German selection missed an optimal starting position for the final game against Austria, primarily due to a dismal performance in the first half.

National coach Gislason: “It’s about everything”

“We were very disappointed with the first half,” said Gislason angrily on ZDF. His team made life incredibly difficult for themselves and made life easy for the Croatians with bad throws. “The Croats were better than us if you look at the entire 60 minutes. “That first half was very annoying,” said the national coach. At half-time he told his players “that the best six Croatians are sitting in our dressing room and we have to do our job now”. His team acted hastily and headlessly in the first 30 minutes.

In front of 10,099 spectators, Renars Uscins was once again the best scorer with eight goals for the German selection, which made countless mistakes in attack two days after the opening win against Algeria. “We only really start to fight in the second half,” said the backcourt player from Hanover.

The chance of taking part in the Olympics still remains high. A draw against Austria is enough for the DHB to take part in the games in Paris. Only the two best teams from the group of four secure a ticket to the Summer Games in France. Regardless of the result against Croatia, we knew that there would be a final against Austria, said Gislason. His team played very well in the second half. “So it’s purely a final for the Olympic ticket against a team that is also very good. It’s about everything,” said the 62-year-old.


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