Is She Pregnant? Health Update

There is no indication that Sara Tomko is pregnant, as there have been no announcements regarding her pregnancy.

The speculation about Sara Tomko gaining weight seems unfounded, as the rumors have no truth.

TV Series Actress Sara Tomko
T.V. Series Actress Sara Tomko (Source: Instagram)

Sara Tomko, an American actress, producer, singer, and poet, gained recognition for her portrayal of Asta Twelvetrees in the sci-fi mystery comedy-drama series Resident Alien’.

She was born into a military family on Wright-Patterson Air Force Base near Dayton, Ohio, and received classical singing training.

Similarly, she later pursued a B.A. in Theatre and Dance at James Madison University.

Sara’s extensive filmography includes roles in productions such as ‘S.W.A.T.,’ ‘The Leftovers, ‘Heartbeat,’ ‘Sneaky Pete,’ and several movies like ‘The Terminators, ‘Extracted,’ ‘400 Days’, and ‘Suicide for Beginners.’

Moreover, she has been married to director Theodore Pederson since 2021.

Is Sara Tomko Pregnant? Rumors Regarding Her Weight Gain

Recently, Sara has uploaded photos on her Instagram, and it is evident that she has not gained any weight; she appears to be in better shape than ever.

Sara Tomko Professionally Photographed By Karolina Turek Photography
Sara Tomko Professionally Photographed By Karolina Turek Photography (Source: Instagram)

Contrary to rumors suggesting otherwise, there is no truth to the speculation about Sara Tomko gaining weight.

Speculations about her weight are unfounded, as individuals may naturally fluctuate in appearance due to various factors such as angles, lighting, and personal health journeys.

Additionally, regarding rumors of her pregnancy, there is no indication that Sara is pregnant, as she has not made any announcements or shared any pregnancy-related news.

There is no credible evidence to support the rumors surrounding Sara Tomko’s weight gain or pregnancy.

It’s important to refrain from spreading baseless rumors and respect Sara Tomko’s privacy regarding her personal life.

Sara Tomko Reflects On The Latest Season Of Resident Alien

In the television series Resident Alien, Sara Tomko portrays Asta Twelvetrees, a significant figure within the small town of Patience, Colorado.

Asta aids the local doctor, Dr. Vanderspeigle, who disguises himself as an alien while practicing medicine.

Sara Tomko In TV Series Resident Alien
Sara Tomko In T.V. Series Resident Alien (Source: Salon)

Her role becomes pivotal in navigating the complexities of the alien presence.

In the latest season of Resident Alien, which premiered on February 14, 2024, Sara Tomko’s character Asta Twelvetrees undergoes notable developments that add depth to her role in the show.

Throughout the narrative, Asta grapples with intricate relationships and encounters new challenges.

Reflecting on Asta’s evolution, Sara Tomko expressed to Screen Rant the rewarding experience of portraying Asta, particularly in this season, where she faces heightened complexities and explores deeper facets of her character.

Asta’s relationship with Harry takes on a more poignant dimension, akin to that of a mother and son, as Harry’s humanity transforms.

Sara Tomko also emphasized the evolving bond between Asta and her friend D’Arcy, played by Alice Wetterlund, as they confront personal struggles and seek clarity amidst the turmoil in Patience.

As the season progresses, Asta embarks on a journey of self-discovery, gaining independence and defining her identity beyond her role as a caregiver.

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