Handball, Olympic qualification – Germany beats Austria and goes to the 2024 Olympics GuardianMagazines

Handball, Olympic qualification: Germany defeats Austria and is in Paris – FOCUS online

Handball, Olympic qualification: Germany beats Austria and goes to the 2024 Olympics

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Germany’s handball players are going to the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris! In the final showdown of the qualification against Austria, Alfred Gislason’s men held their nerve and defeated Austria 34:31. The game in minute minutes.

Handball, Olympic qualification

Germany – Austria 34:31 (18:15)

  1. National coach Alfred Gislason after the game

    “It was really nice, the atmosphere is outstanding. The team was also full of fire right from the start. I’m really looking forward to continuing to look after this team. This team will get better from year to year. It’s just great fun. “

  2. Andreas Wolff after the game

    “It was the tough game we expected. But with the support of our fantastic fans, we got our ticket to Paris. When things got tight again, it wasn’t a nice feeling, but we didn’t let it get us down.”

  3. Tears in Austria, circle of joy in Germany. Both teams put up a really great fight. Austria lagged behind for a long time but never gave up.

  4. Yes! Germany beat Austria 34:31 and will travel to Paris for the Summer Olympics in the summer of 2024. Alfred Gislason remains national coach.

  5. Up and down. Weber for Austria. Zerbe for Germany. Hutecek for Austria. Uscins for Germany. 34:31. Only ten seconds left.

  6. Phew! Germany wins the ball at the back. Knorr lets himself be tied down. Everything takes time. Almost losing the ball again. But then Michalczik finds Knorr. And it hits. 32:29.

  7. Knorr allows himself to be lured forward and loses the ball. Two minutes left. 29:31…

  8. Two minutes and twenty seconds left until Paris. “Don’t stress, we have the ball,” says Alfred Gislason during the next timeout. “Don’t play down the time, we have to move.” Yes, please.

  9. It’s less than three minutes left. Austria needs four goals. And ice cold they get the ball from the back and score from the front after a dream pass. 29:31. Only two more. Watch out, Germany!

  10. Köster! Flies through the defensive line and scores. But so do the Austrians on the other side. 31:28.


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