wife of Hage G. Geingob

Late Prime Minister of Nambia Hage G. Geingob married to three women before he died.

Preceding his 2015 inauguration as president, Hage G. Geingob was also the first Prime Minister of independent Namibia. He passed away early Sunday morning. In years, he had lived to 82. Geingob was known to be a die-hard football fan and attended many high-profile games. He regularly attended the Namibia Annual Music Awards, and in his youth sang in a choir, and played in a band. He was on trend nearly a decade for his last wedding ceremony too;where he married to the third time to his wife Monica Geingos.

Vice President Nangolo Mbumba, who is currently serving as acting president, was cited in a social media announcement by the presidential office that announced his death.

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Reports indicate that shortly after midnight, Mr. Geingob passed away at a hospital in Windhoek, the capital, after undergoing cancer treatment.

From 1990—the year the country obtained independence from South Africa—until 2002, he served as the first prime minister of Namibia. Before becoming president, he was re-elected to that position ten years later.

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How many wives were of Hage G. Geingob ?

He was 82 years old when he died in Windhoek; he was the third president of Namibia. From 1990 until 2002, he was a significant role in the administration of former president Sam Nujoma in Namibia, when he served as the country’s prime minister. Geingob took office in 2015 and was halfway through his second term when he passed away.

What follows is a partial list of Geingob’s marriages:

The couple had a daughter, Nangula Geingos-Dukes, during their 1967–1992 marriage to Priscilla Charlene Cash.

He was wed to businesswoman Loini Kandume from 1993 to 2008, and the couple had a son and a daughter.

An entrepreneur and lawyer named Monica Geingos was Geingob’s wife, and she was there at his deathbed in 2015.

His wife, Madame Monica Geingos, was there for him through all of his health struggles, including his most recent cancer diagnosis and treatment in America. Her constant presence and unfaltering backing were crucial to Geingob’s life and presidency.

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