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The 33rd Summer Olympics will take place in Paris this summer. The city is hosting the largest multi-sport sporting event for the third time after 1900 and 1924. The most important questions and answers about the 2024 Olympics.

When will the 2024 Olympic Games take place?

The Olympic Games begin on July 26th with the opening ceremony and end on August 11th. But the rugby, handball and football teams’ tournaments begin two days before the official opening and the archers also start beforehand.

After the Olympic Games, the Paralympic Games will also take place in Paris from August 28th to September 8th.

In which stadiums and competition venues do the athletes compete?

95% of the competition venues are already in place, meaning that very few new buildings had to be built for the Olympics. The two larger new buildings are the La Chapelle Arena, where badminton and rhythmic gymnastics are held, and the Aquatics Center, where, among other things, diving takes place.

Paris also wants to stage its landmarks for the Olympics. For example, the beach volleyball players play for the gold medal at the foot of the Eiffel Tower or the footballers play in the famous Parc des Princes stadium. On the Place de la Concorde it’s all about victory for the break dancers, skateboarders, BMX riders and 3×3 basketball players. There is essentially a second Grand Slam for the tennis players this year, as they compete at the Roland Garros facility, where the French Open is also held. The boxers also compete there.

Not all competitions take place in Paris. The handball players play in Lille, the riders fight for medals at the Palace of Versailles and the surfing competitions don’t even take place there French Mainland: They are held in the French overseas territory of Tahiti in the Indian Ocean.

Where will the opening ceremony take place in Paris?

For the first time in the history of the Olympic Games, the tournament will not open in a stadium. The opening ceremony, however, takes place right in the heart of the French metropolis, on the Seine. The athletes and officials will be transported across the city river on July 26th on more than 160 boats and over six kilometers long.

More than 300,000 people are expected along the route, which would set a new record for an opening ceremony. In order to give the audience the best view, 80 screens and loudspeakers will be installed.

By the way, the closing ceremony will not take place in a stadium, but in the Trocadero park with a view of the Eiffel Tower.

How many sports will the athletes compete in at the Paris Olympics?

A total of 329 gold medals will be won 32 sportsforgive. This means that the number of competitions has fallen slightly compared to the last Summer Olympics in Tokyo (339). Breaking is a new addition, also called breakdancing. However, baseball/softball and karate are no longer included.

How many athletes will take part in the 2024 Olympics?

Similar to Tokyo, approximately 11,200 athletes from around the world will take part in the Olympics. According to the International Olympic Committee (IOC), as many women as men should take part in Paris for the first time. Germany will send between 420 and 450 athletes.

Russian athletes are also allowed to take part in the Olympic Games again. However, as in recent years, the flag does not appear under the flag Russianbut a neutral flag.

How do I get tickets for the Olympics in Paris?

A total of 10 million tickets will be offered for the various competitions. The organizers want to offer more than half of these for under 50 euros. But especially for popular events such as the 100 meter final, spectators have to dig particularly deep into their pockets. A ticket here costs up to 950 euros. Only the opening ceremony is more expensive at 2,700 euros in the highest category. Tickets can only be purchased via the official website of the Olympic Games be purchased.

Where will the Olympics be broadcast on German television?

The rights for the European market belong to the Discovery Group, but ARD and ZDF have acquired a sublicense for the 2024 tournament and will be live for more than 1,500 hours on TV and transferred to their online media libraries.

What do the medals look like in Paris?

The design of the medals was only recently presented. These contain a real piece of the quintessential French landmark. Each of the 5,084 medals from the Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games was decorated with an original piece of the Paris Eiffel Tower in the center. But anyone who now thinks that iron was taken from the Eiffel Tower for so many medals can rest assured. The hexagonal piece of iron comes from a warehouse where remains of the tower are kept. These have been removed over the years for maintenance purposes. The gold, silver and bronze medals have grooves around the Eiffel Tower that are intended to resemble rays of sunshine.

What is the Olympic Games mascot?

This year’s mascot duo for the Olympic and Paralympic Games is called “Phryges” and represents the “Phrygian cap” (also known as the “Jacobin cap”). This is inextricably linked to the French Revolution of 1789, not only in France. On the sides, the duo wears the colors of the French flag, the tricolor.

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