Who does Dacre Montgomery have a crush on? Girlfriend

Who does Dacre Montgomery have a crush on? Montgomery’s Girlfriend

Dacre Montgomery is an Australian actor who hit the stage at a young age. He spent most of his youth acting in whatever he could. The rising star Dacre is best known for the roles as Billy Hargrove in the Netflix series. He came into the spotlight due to his announcement as he appeared in a leading role in the ‘Went Up the Hill film co-scripted and directed by Samuel Van Grinsven. The Australian actor is trendy among other actors for his role as his personality still be terrifying for his fans. When it comes to his personal life, he has been dating Liv Pollock, who is a famous Australian model. Scroll down to learn more about Dacre Montgomery’s girlfriend, net worth, family, age, etc.

Who is Dacre Montgomery’s Girlfriend? Is he married or not? 

 Dacre Montgomery’s Girlfriend: In February 2019, star Liv Pollock went to Vanity Fair Oscars party, where the two were seen side by side. Montgomery could be more active on social media. Still, in Nov 2019, he shared a post about his girlfriend Pollock and called her” the emotional supporter” and the person that allows him to live in the present and not take some things too seriously. Liv Pollock is based in Los Angeles and signed with the industry modelling. She started her modelling career around 2017. She is social media influencer as she reserved 94.7k Followers on Instagram. Dacre revealed that he knew Pollock through this mutual contact at work. 

Dacre s girlfriend, Pollock Source: thebreakingtimes

Afterwards, they grew up their relationship through social media. The beautiful pair were seen together while attending different red carpet events.

It’s apparent that Montgomery and Pollock are in love and appear to support one another. The beautiful couple had not disclosed anything regarding their weds as they are enjoying their relationship, and we wish them all the best in the future.

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How much does Dacre Montgomery make from his entire life? Net worth & earnings

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He has an outstanding career, with over a million net worth. The young Dacre Montgomery’s net worth is estimated to be $2 Million. He accumulated wealth, including various short films. However, he appeared in Netflix web series.

He is forward for the short film ‘Godot’s Clinic in 2015, and in the next two years, he featured in two independent feature films, ‘Safe Neighbourhood’ and ‘A Few Less Men.’ 

The year 2017, he brought massive success with two significant projects. He first appeared as one of the main leads, ‘Jason,’ in the film reboot of the popular kids’ show Power Rangers. Dacre entered his professional career through his first role in Bertrand the Terrible as Fred in 2010. In 2011, he appeared in a TV Pilot called Family Tree. In 2015, Montgomery appeared in the “Old Souls” music video by Australian deathcore band Make Them Suffer, directed by Jason Eshraghian.

Dacre Montgomery’s Favourite Quotes and achievement, nominations:

“It’s one huge arc until you’re in your early 20s. Then, of course, you’re always changing and learning, but it’s very much that chapter in your life: fall crazy in love and become extremely angry at little things. It’s a tumultuous time.” – Dacre Montgomery.

Dacre Montgomery achievement
Dacre Montgomery is looking stunning Source: Instagram.

It’d been about four months since shooting ‘Power Rangers,’ and ‘Stranger Things’ was the first thing I saw that made me think, ‘I need this.’ I had one day to get my act together, so I made a short film rather than a self-tape. It had an opening score, opening titles, and I may or may not have put on a g-string and danced to ‘Hungry Like a Wolf.” – Dacre Montgomery.

Awards, Achievements and Nominations :


 In 2017, he was awarded Teen Choice.

In 2018 he received awards for the Screen Actors Guild.

In 2019 he warded for MTV Movie & TV Awards.

In 2010 Dacre Montgomery was warded for Screen Actors Guild Awards.

Nomination: He was nominated for the movie Power Rangers in 2017 and set for the horror web series Stranger Things.

More about Dacre Montgomery: Bio, Age, Parents

Dacre Kayd Montgomery-Harvey, aka Dacre, was born on 22 November 1994 in Perth, Australia. Dacre was raised by his parents; his father is Scott Montgomery, and his mother is Judith Barrett- Lennar. However, his father is New Zealander, and his mother is from Canada. Star Dacre is 28 years old; his height is 5ft and 10 inches. Dacre Montgomery is very handsome looking and appears to everyone. He is known for his charming looks and hot personality. His fans highly admire Dacre through his social media, where he got numerous followers on Instagram and more than 9 Million followers.

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