Bárbara Evans cries when she remembers the scare with one of the twins

Bárbara Evans cries when she remembers the scare with one of the twins | Update

Optica thought that Antonio, just three months old, could be suffering from seizures. Bárbara Evans shared this Saturday (16th), on her Instagram, the scare she had with Antonio, one of her three-month-old twin sons. The influencer said that her husband, Gustavo Theodoro, noticed that there was something strange in the child’s eyes and recommended that he go to a doctor. Suspecting that he might have a seizure, the optician ordered an examination that lasted 12 hours. “Whoever follows me here knows that Antonio has the habit of having bulging eyes and I never thought it could be anything. Gustavo, my husband, said it was better that we take them to the optician. I took them both and the optician. “I looked at everything and there was absolutely nothing. But he said, since we ruled everything out, he would do an exam to see if it could be a seizure and that’s why he stays like this for a long time,” he said, without controlling himself. her crying. Bárbara Evans shows Antonio in the exam Reproduction / Instagram The blonde said that her blood pressure went up when she had to find a place in the interior of São Paulo to take the exam. “My blood pressure was at 16/10 on the day I was trying to schedule (the exam). It’s a twelve-hour exam. I started to get desperate because I couldn’t schedule an appointment and I had to arrange a driver because it was in another city. He moved his eye and I thought he might be having a seizure. “That was upsetting my emotions,” she continued, who is also the mother of Álvaro, three months, and Ayla, one year and 11 months. “When I placed the electrodes, it smelled like glue. I thought it would poison the child. It took twelve hours of examination to see when the so-called crisis occurred. I had to capture him laughing, waking up, playing, changing. the diaper, opening his eyes, something he does many times a day… Every time he opened his eyes we had to press a button to mark it,” he explained. Despite the scare, Bárbara celebrated the result: “Fortunately he has nothing. He’s perfect guys (crying). Because he’s premature, he’s great, he doesn’t even look premature. The exams were excellent.” ”

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