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Meet Angie Harmon’s Three Daughters: Finley, Avery, and Emery

Angie Harmon, known for her roles in TV shows like “Rizzoli & Isles” and “Law & Order,” is also a dedicated mother to three beautiful daughters: Finley, Avery, and Emery Sehorn. These young women were born during her marriage to former NFL player Jason Sehorn, which ended in 2014. Since then, Angie has been raising her daughters as a single mom, navigating the challenges and joys of parenthood with grace and resilience. Here’s an in-depth look at her remarkable daughters.

Angie’s eldest daughter Finley Faith Sehorn

Finley Faith Sehorn was born on October 14, 2003. As of now, she is 20 years old. Finley Faith Sehorn is Angie’s eldest daughter. Born in Dallas, she later moved with her family to just outside of Charlotte, North Carolina. 

Finley has often accompanied her mother to industry events, such as Variety’s Power of Women event in May 2022. She graduated from Charlotte Christian School in June 2022, a milestone celebrated with immense pride by Angie on social media.

Finley started college in August 2022 and moved into her first apartment in Dallas a year later. She shares her mother’s love for animals and has been a vocal advocate for their family’s rescue dogs. Finley has even found a unique way to comfort their pets by playing episodes of “Rizzoli & Isles” to keep them calm when they are home alone. This thoughtful gesture reflects her caring nature and strong bond with her pets.

Angie’s second daughter Avery Grace Sehorn

Avery Grace Sehorn was born on June 22, 2005. As of now, she is 18 years old. Avery Grace Sehorn, Angie’s second daughter, shares a special connection with her mother through acting. At just 10 years old, she had the opportunity to guest star on “Rizzoli & Isles.” Angie cherished this experience, expressing how rehearsing and shooting scenes with Avery brought immense joy.

Avery, who is now a senior at Charlotte Christian School, is involved in sports, playing lacrosse and volleyball for her school teams. As she approaches the end of her high school journey, Angie has been savoring every moment, reflecting on how quickly time has flown. Angie often shares her feelings on social media, celebrating Avery’s milestones and expressing her pride in Avery’s achievements and character.

youngest of Angie’s daughters Emery Hope Sehorn

Emery Hope Sehorn was born on  December 18, 2008. As of now, she is 15 years old. Emery Hope Sehorn is the youngest of Angie’s daughters. From an early age, Emery has been adored by her older sisters, who have taken on protective and nurturing roles. Angie has shared anecdotes about how Emery cleverly utilizes her position as the youngest to her advantage, highlighting the playful dynamics within the family.

Angie Harmon with younger daughte
Angie Harmon with younger daughter sources

In 2023, Emery began her freshman year of high school, prompting Angie to nostalgically reflect on how quickly her youngest is growing up. Emery has shown a keen interest in animals, much like her mother and sisters.

 In November 2023, Emery discovered a baby squirrel on the sidewalk, which led to the family adopting the critter, whom they named Thomas. This incident demonstrates Emery’s compassionate nature and love for animals.

Life as a Single Mom for Angie Harmon

Since her divorce from Jason Sehorn, Angie has tackled the challenges of single motherhood head-on. Despite the difficulties, she remains amicable with her ex-husband and focuses on providing a nurturing environment for her daughters. Angie has spoken candidly about the survival skills and independence that come with raising children alone, emphasizing the toughness required to protect and support her three girls.

Angie Harmon’s daughters, Finley, Avery, and Emery, each bring their unique personalities and talents to the family. From acting and sports to a shared love for animals, these young women are growing up to be well-rounded individuals under Angie’s loving guidance. The Harmon-Sehorn family continues to thrive, showcasing the strength and resilience that define their journey.

Angie Harmon with her Daughter
Angie Harmon with her Daughter sources Daily Mail

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