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Die European Football Championshipwill take place in June and July 2024 Deutschlandinstead of. For many German fans this means that they have the opportunity to experience a European Championship in their own country for the first time. But be careful: if you want to get tickets now, you have to be very lucky.

What is the current status of EM ticket sales?

The second sales phase for EM tickets has already ended. In the first phase, almost a million tickets were sold. Anyone could apply for the tickets and at the end there was a draw to see who was allowed into the stadium. In the second sales phase, a majority of the tickets were given to the participants’ associations, which could sell them to their fans. A small part went on sale again by lottery.

After the second phase, 2.2 million of the total 2.7 million tickets have already been sold. The remaining tickets will be allocated after the play-off games in March or during the tournament.

How much does a EM 2024 ticket cost?

The range in ticket prices is very large. The cheapest ticket for a group game at the European Championships in the fans first category costs 30 euros. The most expensive in category 1, however, is 200 euros. The exception to this is the opening game, where the cheapest category costs 50 euros and the most expensive 600 euros.

After the group stage, the prizes increase in each phase of the final round. This means that in the round of 16, for example, a ticket costs between 50 and 250 euros, while in the final the cheapest category costs 95 euros and the most expensive category costs a whopping 1,000 euros per ticket.

How many tickets can fans buy?

Anyone applying for tickets can request up to four tickets for each game. For games taking place on the same day, only one game can be selected at a time.

Are there still chances of getting tickets for the home European Championships in 2024?

The chances of getting a ticket are now quite low. After the play-off games, tickets will be awarded again to the associations of the three participating nations.

Almost the only way fans can now get tickets is via the UEFA resale platform. There, spectators who can no longer use their ticket can resell it to other fans for the original price. The first resale phase took place on the 13th/14th. March, but another one is to follow. The exact date for this has not yet been set. UEFA always advises this official website for the announcement to follow.

Where can tickets for the European Football Championship be purchased?

Tickets can only be purchased through the association from your own country or through the official ticket market from UEFA. It was in Germany DFB for the sale of tickets for the games German national teamresponsible. But the tickets have already been taken.

Are the tickets personalized?

Yes, the tickets are personalized. Therefore, EM tickets are only transferable to a very limited extent. If the ticket holder is unable to attend a game due to health reasons, the ticket may be passed on to a family member or friend. But this is only possible shortly before the game. Cancellation of tickets is not possible. All ticket purchases are final. Redistribution is only permitted via the UEFA resale platform. According to UEFA, refunds are only possible in cases of “force majeure”.

Does an EM ticket have any other advantages for the buyer?

Yes, as UEFA reports, use of public transport is included in the ticket price. The ticket can be used as a local transport ticket for a full 36 hours, from 6:00 a.m. on the match day until 6:00 p.m. the following day.

In addition, German ticket holders should also have the opportunity to receive discounted conditions for long-distance travel with Deutsche Bahn in order to travel to the games in an environmentally conscious manner. Ticket holders from other European countries can purchase a discounted Interrail pass.

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