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Allen Parr: Wiki, Age, Wife, Net Worth, Church, & Bible Study | Update

Allen Parr is an engineer turned preacher who started to teach the Bible in 1998 and went more deeply into spirituality after enrolling himself in Dallas Theological Seminary in 2000.

Who Is Allen Parr: Wiki & Age

On November 15, 1975, Allen G. Parr Jr. was born and is currently residing peacefully in McKinney, Texas. However, the preacher at the age of 45 didn’t always have as peaceful a life as it is in the present. 

At the age of 6 when his parents got divorced, which led him into a series of confusion swirls. However, not so long after his parents’ divorce, he was introduced to Jesus by his father, and he understood the gospel, thus accepting him as his savior.

At the age of 19, he was disciplined by a man who taught him to read the bible, and he developed it into a habit in no time, and he was captivated by it. However, he still had no intention of becoming a preacher until he was 22 years of age and was enjoying a lucrative career as an engineer.

Allen Parr, while explaining what happens when we die (Source: A Light To Follow)

Parr encountered a question that completely changed the path he was walking on.

“If money was not a concern, what would you do with the rest of your life?”  

This question made him throw off comfort, and hence he enrolled himself in DTS and began his journey towards becoming a minister.

It was quite a harsh path as he worked part-time as a minister and taught high school math full time to manage his economic flow.

After completing his Masters of Theology degree in 2004, he wanted to get married, but he stayed single for a considerably long time which was not what he planned out.

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Who Is Parr’s Wife?

Although he wanted to get married in 2004, he stayed single for over a decade, sharing and gaining wisdom until he found the love of his life, Jennifer.

He fell in love with Jennifer in no time, and the duo eventually tied the holy marital knot on November 15, 2015, on the auspicious day of Parr’s birthday.

They share two kids Anaiah, and Micah Parr, and are busy leading their blissful family life co-parenting the children.

Allen Parr and his wife before going out on a date night

Allen Parr and his wife before going out on a date night (Source: Parr’s Instagram)

His wife Jennifer is also an activist, and she created a community organization named Women’s Community which aims to help women grow confidence and community through the Christ-focused network.

Parr has completed over 5 years as a married man and continues living a magnificent life with his wife and daughters, enjoying a hefty sum of fortune made from his career.

Net Worth

There’s no doubt that Parr’s career as a successful preacher has brought him a considerable sum of economic prosperity.

Besides, he also has a YouTube channel named The BEAT by Allen Parr, which has views escalating to 60 million and subscribers of more than 700k.

He frequently uploads on his YouTube, which surely adds up to a significant sum of fortune to his net worth.

Also, he has an online merchandise store that features his merch and gospel and quotes clothing/ aesthetic products. As of 2021, the veteran minister is busy leading a lavish lifestyle with his wife and daughters enjoying a net worth of more than $1 million.

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Church & Bible Study

Parr is a world-renowned preacher who has devoted his life to sharing the gospel and teaching people to read the bible. However, he wasn’t always as devoted as he is now. 

He was introduced to the bible from an early age of 6, and a six-year-old kid definitely did not like going to churches and making bible study a habit. But, eventually, as he progressed further in his life, he sought wisdom and abundant knowledge, which led him back to churches and bibles.

Parr knew that preaching and taking the gospel to as many people as possible was his life’s calling which led him to quit his engineering job. As of today, Parr has even launched various mobile applications to make the bible study.

He released his first online course called Bible Study Made Easy!, which allows subscribers to proven strategic methods for studying the Bible in a step-by-step format through six-hour interactive teaching. 

Parr’s dedication, passion, and love for God as a minister is what makes him self-driven and able to do what he has been doing for the past 20 years. He is definitely on his way to take God’s message to the farthest corner of this world. 

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